THE MOST USEFUL ETHIOPIA TRAVEL TIPS Part 1: Phone, Internet, Cheap Flights (Ethiopian Airlines)

My Ethiopia transportation video was really useful for many of you, so today I’m breaking down all the important things you need to know when you land into Addis Ababa. This is the first part of two, and I’ll talk about phone, internet, electricity, customs, cheap flights, and an incident with Ethiopia Airlines. In the second part, I will go into toilets, showers, laundry, vaccinations, language, and useful gear (

Here’s a quick summary:

Phone: Go to Ethio Telecom and get 300mb for $2

Internet: Get a VPN to get around internet and social media blockages. Voice over IP is often blocked. Try Asian chat apps. Here’s the VPN I used:

Electricity: Type C European plug, 220V

Cheap Flights: Get a discount on local flights if you fly into the country via Ethiopian Airlines

Customs: Don’t bring two laptops

Flight Tip: Show up early or else… you’ll see in my video

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Recommended Ethiopia Gear

Here are some extra things I recommend for Ethiopia Travel.

– Small Gorilla Tape

– Large clear Gorilla tape if you’re volunteering

or the dark one

– Very strong glue. I prefer this one over the one I showed in the video:

– Mosquito net for sleeping

– Dual USB Travel Adapter

– Lifestraw bottle to reduce water bottle waste (there’s no recycling in Ethiopia)

– Basic disposable dust masks

– Aeropress if you don’t want to walk out for coffee every day

My full recommended gear list:


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