A night out at Meydan racecourse

A night out at Meydan racecourse

This (local) chap was one of the officials outside the brand new Meydan racecourse in Dubai. I would readily compare Meydan with Ascot, where the officials used to have a severely bad reputation for being picky and humourless, ex-army Sergeant Majors. I once skipped off school to go to the races at Royal Ascot to find they were sold out. What to do? Find a not too high bit of fencing which backed onto some conifers inside the ground, clamber over such fence, jump and land in the conifers, stay still ofr a couple of minutes and then emerge as if I had just been going for a pee, or something. Of course, the old officials have now probably been replaced by hirted in ‘security’ guards which would have a pack of hounds yapping at me should I try to do the same now (which I wouldn’t because I am not as niumble as I used to be) and would have me escorted out of the ground in no time… such is life in the new century…

Posted by CharlesFred on 2010-03-07 17:45:09

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