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Bogota, Colombia


Bogota, Colombia

When I saw this building I knew I’d be processing the photo like this. This building is a tourist crafts store next to the very unique Gold Museum (Museo del Oro), in downtown Bogota. That museum is well worth it when you visit Bogota.

I like that there is a little story on each door, and the top door cracked opn is kind of fun.

This is an HDR of 3 -2/0/+2 RAWs shot handheld. Carrying a big tripod in downtown Bogota calls too much attention. I carried my camera in a small satchel bag (mochila) that people carry over the shoulder. My lenses packed in individual neoprene pouches, and a Gorilla tripod for the churches. I’d walk around with my camera in my hand, strap wrapped around the hand, very inconspicuous. Strap around the neck? Come on! Every day I’d walk around with about $3K, and it survived just fine. What is the point of having all that stuff if have to leave it at home.

I processed the RAWs using Photomatix 4 beta, using the manual ghost elimination. That is a terrific feature. All these people had walked about 1 meter between the first and third shot, and no ghosts! I use fairly strong setting in Photomatix Details Enhancer to get nice details in even the dark areas. I recover the contrast in Nik Color Efex. First, imagenomic Noiseware to eliminate the noise, then Nik Color Efex Tonal Contrast with more than the default: I reduced the highlights strength to 10%, but crancked up the miidtones and shadow strength to about 50%. Then Pro Contrast to liven the dull Photomatix output. I also let it neutralize the color cast. The whites were not white enough for my taste, so used Nik Color Efex White Neutralizer, sampling on the columns. Then straighten the veritcals, Darken/Lighten center, and slight curves in PS.

Posted by szeke on 2010-08-29 16:24:47

Tagged: , Bogota , Colombia , Street

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