Clouds rolling in – Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada

Clouds rolling in - Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada

We went to Chester this afternoon. The weather was beautiful, sunny and looked like a perfect summer day. After spending about a half an hour in the town, we noticed that dark clouds were coming in from southwest. The pattern, the shapes were stunning. It was moving in fast, so I had not much time.

A small camera crew arrived not long after I started shooting the clouds. They were planning to set up the scene to film and their chief said – it’s such a s….y weather today, let’s come back tomorrow. Obviously they did not want to shoot drama today.

The image is a single shot – not HDR, no blending. I used a GND filter to bring out the details in the clouds – they looked exactly like this. We had not seen anything like this before, not even close. Such a fantastic 15 minutes – the drama passed us and the rain arrived.

Posted by laszlofromhalifax on 2011-08-21 00:10:27

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