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DSC_3846 – Cape Forchu Lighthouse


DSC_3846 - Cape Forchu Lighthouse

Cape Forchu lighthouse at the entrance to Yarmouth harbour. Cape Forchu, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cape Forchu, high, rocky, well treed and almost an island itself, has a decidedly different appearance from the surrounding coast. It derives it’s name from having two narrow, rocky forks that extend to the south. . . . Cape Forchu light is shown from a red and white vertically striped hexagonal tower, 23 m (75 ft) high. Sailing Directions, Nova Scotia (SE Coast) and Bay of Fundy, 1985

Since 1839, ships entering and leaving Yarmouth Harbour on a passage across the Gulf of Maine, a fishing trip, or, in earlier times, a voyage to distant lands aboard a square rigger, have passed the light tower at Cape Forchu. For decades, the day mark has been a red lantern and alternating red and white faces on the octagonal tower. The original timber tower was lit on 15th January, 1840. The lens was a classic Fresnel, a circular central lens surrounded by concentric rings of glass which concentrated the light of the lamp into one powerful beam which shot out into the night. The Cape Forchu example had eight faces, each of which produced a white flash. It was turned by a clockwork mechanism which had to be wound every three hours. (This original lens, which was manufactured in France, can now be viewed in the Yarmouth County Museum, Yarmouth.) The first lighting apparatus was a kerosene lamp. This was later replaced by a pressurized vapour lamp, and finally by electricity generated on the station. The early lamps had to be watched carefully, for they could easily go out. One keeper estimated that during his 31 years on duty he climbed the tower at least 47,000 times!

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