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Floating Forest


Floating Forest

A buoyant Pacific Northwest landscape creates a scene of idyllic charm as a forest of tall evergreen trees flourishes in nearly perfect symmetry atop the rocky mound of Jug Island near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Of all my photographic journeys, this has been the most thrilling quest so far. On the last day of a visit to Vancouver, I had just 90 minutes before sundown to map the route from downtown to Jug Island, then using handwritten notes drive an hour while navigating 20 different roads I’d never seen before, and finally hike two kilometers on a dark, hilly, and difficult trail to the site. The challenge was energizing! Carrying my camera bag and tripod, and wearing two too many layers of clothes, I was drenched while jogging along the flat and uphill sections of the trail, and carefully stepping down the steep sections. I did not have a flashlight, the daylight was waning, and I had to seriously consider turning back many times for safety reasons. How much farther was it?! How close was I?! But I had come this far, not only in the past 80 minutes, but also the international travel with this particular shot in mind, so I pressed on knowing I’d have to find my way back to the car in darkness. So it was up and down this rocky, dangerous trail, finally to the opening at the waterfront revealing the island! What a sight! I had just minutes to throw off my jacket and sweater, setup my tripod, and start composing short time-lapse shots to gather light and show the movement of the water. After a couple dozen (I’m an amateur), I had to cut loose, but I was happy that this shot won the day. I made it back to the car under nightfall, then made some wrong turns on the drive back, but no worries. The pressure was off and I had my shot.

Posted by Bobby Palosaari on 2015-08-06 04:37:03

Tagged: , British Columbia , Canada , Jug Island , Northwest , Palosaari , Vancouver , buoyant , charm , evergreen , floating , forest , idyllic , island , landscape , rocky , symmetry , trees , nature , beauty , time lapse

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