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France-003018 – Miniature and Cinema Museum


France-003018 - Miniature and Cinema Museum

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I wish I had had more time so I could have visited this museum.

Two unique collections: the 120 miniature scenes produced by the artist Dan Ohlmann and the 350 legendary film props give the visitor an insight into the special effects techniques of our leading film studios.

The Miniature and Cinema Museum is housed in the magnificent and famous 16th Century Maison des Avocats (Legal Chamber) in Old Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Run daily by creator and miniaturist Dan Ohlmann, this unusual museum showcases Ohlmann’s two main passions: the art of dioramas and the art of film sets and special effects. Ohlmann, who has made Lyon his home, exhibits all his dioramas exclusively at his museum. Built to a scale of 1:12, these miniature masterpieces of patience and dexterity are extremely lifelike and stiring replicas of places in Lyon as well as others Ohlmann has ssen on his travels. Ohlmann is also a passionate collector. To the delight of visitors he has filled his museum with miniature scenes from all countries as well as thousands of tiny objects. All testify to the remarkable skill of the human hand.

For over 20 years Ohlmann has been driven by another passion, that of the "secret world of film-making". Actual miniature film sets as well as model rooms, masks, prostheses, robots and various other items on loan from the biggest American, British, German and French studios allow visitors to better grasp the wonders created by special effects wizards. This rare collection of original props from films such as "Gladiator", "Aliens", "Independence day", "Minority Report".

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