Paris France ~ Parisian Architecture ~ Haussmann Plan ~ A Modernization Program

Paris France ~  Parisian Architecture ~  Haussmann Plan  ~ A Modernization Program

We cannot truly review Parisian architecture without highlighting the famous Haussmann Plan, a modernization program of 19th century Paris, commissioned by Napoleon III and managed by the Seine prefect, Baron Haussmann, from 1853 to 1870. The project which featured all aspects of urban planning (modifying streets and boulevards, building facades, public parks, city facilities and monuments) gave the city its present form, established the image of today’s popular representation of Paris around the world and played a key role in creating the capital’s halo of charm and beauty. The key characteristics of Haussmannian architecture showcase long, tree-lined boulevards with cafés and shops and feature buildings with wrought iron balconies and aligned windows aimed to create a sense of perspective. Thanks to Haussmann’s modernization of the city during the 19th century, the medieval appearance of the city was fairly effaced and a new type of urban scenario was promoted – one which had a thorough impact on the everyday lives of Parisians

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