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The Windmills of the Gods


The Windmills of the Gods

Excuse me from borrowing the title from the thriller novel of the same name by Sidney Sheldon, I just couldn’t resist naming it since they are gigantic in size up close.

To make it totally different this time, I would from time to time post pictures of my travels, not only macro pictures and even portrait/model pictures. I just want to share this awesome place we recently visited back in the northern area of the Philippines where these windmills of Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines (more known as the Bangui Wind Farm). From Wikipedia, it is stated that each windmill stand 230 ft. There are about 20 them, stretching 9 km of the shoreline of Bangui Bay which faces South China Sea. We don’t know much of how these megastructures were erected, save from rumors (if not a fact, correct me then) that this is a project of the Marcoses (I guess continued by Imelda Marcos). The phase 2 project was completed last August 2008.

The sky was totally clear at that time. As in clear with no clouds on sight (a rare sight for me, even back in Singapore). I love the place, quiet, a bit windy and cold. It was around pass seven in the morning. The sun was rising up quickly, so I had several attempts to capture the scenery before everything will be overexposed by bright sunlight. I had my friends with me when we got to this place and each one was setting up their cameras and tripods in their individual positions.

I love to visit this place again. I just a need some car. My own car (we went here using cars from my other friends). And lots of gas. This place is so far away from Manila that one would be spending two days at most to get here (unless you want to drive here nonstop from Manila which I doubt).

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Posted by giovzaid85 on 2013-03-01 00:58:07

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