Goldcar Italy Car Hire Review at Treviso Airport

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I rented a five door Ford Focus at Venice Treviso airport from Goldcar through Argus Car Hire.

The Goldcar pick up desk was within the terminal, about 50 meters from the arrivals gate.

Once we signed all the papers and I got the keys, I had to walk to the car park, about five minutes away.

There were some big scratches on the side of the car which we marked up on the papers then I drove off toward Maniva Ski Resort.

The car came with unlimited mileage, an automatic gearbox and a huge booth.

Inside the car it was very spacious with plenty of room to move around and even an armrest.

Under the armrest there was space for my valet and a USB plug for my charger.

The car came with cruise control, buttons to pick up the phone, electric windows and ample seating in the back.

The boot was huge with enough space for at least four large suitcases.

It was a diesel engine so I had to be very careful at the petrol station to remember this!

The car cost £52 pounds, excluding insurance for a five day road trip.

I already had insurance from another firm so I did not get Goldcar’s insurance.

It was super easy to drive the car and it handled very well even in the sharp turns and on the steep hills.

The only thing I did not like was the blind spot on the left hand side, especially when I was driving uphill and turning left.

The fuel came to 55 euros in the end, filling up three quarters of the tank. I rented full to full which is what I always recommend to avoid high fuel surcharges.

Otherwise it was a really good car and I enjoyed driving it very much.


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