Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy – first day of sightseeing in Italy Europe

Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa leaning? My first day of sightseeing in Italy starts in the town of Pisa. After day in Pisa I take a drive in my Italian car hire to the nearby Italian town of Lucca which is cheaper to stay in and just an hours drive from Pisa.

The Pisa Tower, Pisa Baptistery and Pisa Cathedral are located in the Piazza dei Miracoli or as it is translated into English “Square of Miracles” and you can easily spend a half day just exploring the square. If you have time then pre-book your tickets to enter the tower, cathedral and baptistery.

The street leading up to the square is full of cafes and restaurants so you can easily while away some time enjoying the view into the square of miracles, but be advised that prices of food and drinks in this part of Pisa in particular are quite expensive due to the high number of tourists.


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