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AskMe presents Top 5 Summer Travel Destinations suggested by travel expert, Vir Sanghvi. Here is a list of Summer Destinations (Holiday Destinations) just five hours away from India.

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The Summer Destinations our travel expert Vir Sanghvi has suggested are beautiful with all the facilities at your disposal, like: food outlets, resorts, hotels, cabs and what not!

1. Golden Triangle- The Golden Triangle is referred to the meeting point of the border of Thailand, Laos and Burma. It is under the confluence of Mekong River, and its embankment is a beautiful hill station that is capable of making tourists feel divine. It is 78 hours away from India by road, and approximately it takes 3 hours by air.

2. Bhutan- Bhutan is India’s neighbouring country and one of the most gorgeous places on the face of the Earth. The nation is now open to the Tourists. Its culture is wonderful, and there are a lot of places for sightseeing in Bhutan. Bhutan is 2 hours away from India by Air and 40 hours (2,033.5 km) via NH31 by road.

3. Nuwara Eliya- Nuwara Eliya is a hill station based in Sri Lanka. It is reckoned as the ‘City of Light.’ The place is very important for Sri Lanka, as it is the hub for tea production. It is a popular tourist destination because of its picturesque topography.

4. Dubai- Dubai is a popular metropolitan city of United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s just 5 hours away by air. Dubai has grand buildings, giant malls and golden dessert which makes the city ‘A Must Visit Place.’ Dubai is a holiday destination where a family can spend their time fruitfully. Visiting Dubai, adds to the idea of ideal vacation ever!

5. Maldives- Maldives is a luxurious travel destination, very close to India i.e. 3 hours, 14 minutes by Air from New Delhi. It has beachside resorts and hotels at economical rates, which is an added perk for the avid travellers and tourists. The villas are surrounded by blue lagoons with crystal clear water. Maldives is one exotic place; tourists would admire visiting.

The places mentioned below are just the ideal destination; one should visit their family.

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