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DEGELER Shoe Bag for effortless traveling | Water-resistant Shoe organizer for carry-on luggage travel accessory


Price: $49.00
(as of Dec 14,2020 10:56:43 UTC – Details)

Product Description


DEGELER Shoe Bag for traveling with shoesDEGELER Shoe Bag for traveling with shoes


Effortless and convenient traveling with shoes, slippers & accessories.

Shoe carry-on travel bag

Shoe carry-on travel bag

Shoe travel kit with zip pocket

Shoe travel kit with zip pocket

Travel bag for high-heels

Travel bag for high-heels

Intelligent Interior:

For simple packing and organised travels.

Smart Packing:

For additional Accessoires such as cleaning wipes or an additional pair of shoe laces.

Flexible Divider:

Ideal for all kind of shoes such as High Heels, dress shoes or running shoes.

Carry-on packing-organizerCarry-on packing-organizer

Effortless transportation:

Just put the Shoe bag on trolley – the secure strap will keep it in place.

travel accesories for shoestravel accesories for shoes

Handy and light:

Ideal for carry-on luggage.

Carry on



One pair of shoes and a pair of slippers

5 dress shirts with ties, bowtie, cufflinks & pocket square

Volume of 20L and 7L for several clothes

3 suits with all accessories

Volume of 1L for several 100ml liquid bottles








14,1 x 9,8 x 5,9 inches

17,7 x 12,6 x 2 inches

18,9 x 13,7 x 4,7 inches

20,4 x 21,2 x 1,5 inches

7,8 x 7 x 0,78 inches

EFFORTLESS TRAVELING WITH SHOES: Pack your shoes and slippers in our functional and timeless bag travel bag. All in one bag: Large zip compartment for additional shoe laces, cleaning wipes and other shoe care accessories.
PROTECTED & SAFE TRANSPORTATION: The flexible and padded divider keeps the shoes separated and protected to avoid the shoes from rubbing on each other.
ORGANISE YOUR BAG: The functional Shoe organizer separates your shoes from your clean clothes in your suitcase, weekender or sports bag. This packing organizer is the ideal for traveling or every day in your gym or golf bag.
FLEXIBLE & IDEAL FIT FOR EVERY SHOE: The flexible divider can easily be adjusted with snap buttons to separate the main compartment diagonal or straight in half. The bag fits any size up to 48, from dress shoes, sneaker, Chelsea boots, golf shoes to running shoes or High-Heels.
ELEGANT & HIGH-END MATERIALS: The elegant structure of the nylon fabric creates a distinctive look, is extremely light and water-resistant.


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