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Handheld Fan, EasyAcc 3350mAh Battery Fan 2020 Upgraded Portable Fan with Unique One Touch Power Off USB Desk Fan 3-17 Hours 4 Speeds Strong Winds Personal Cooling Fan for Home Office Outdoor-Black


Price: $17.99
(as of Oct 03,2020 22:15:35 UTC – Details)

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Make Your Summer More cool !

Our story

How we got our start?

Our company has been selling fans on Amazon since 2014.

What makes our product unique?

Your opinion is very important to us. According to feedback from buyers, we have been continuously trying and improving fans for five years. Many indoor and outdoor fans will be launched every year to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Why we love what we do?

With our mission to bring the safest products with the best user experience to our customers.

❤【Low Battery Reminder—Recharge in Time】Unique battery fan on Amazon with the low battery reminder. Press the power button to see how much power is left and whether the personal fan needs to be recharged. LED indicator status: 1) All 3 lights on: fully charged; 2) 2 lights on: 60% power left; 3) 1 light on: 30% left. (Note: LED indicator flashes while charging. Once fully charged, it will remain lit.)
💗【Advanced One-Touch Turn Off Function】The only handheld fan with the one-touch turn off function. Hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn the portable fan off, avoiding multiple presses of the power button and making the battery fan even more convenient to use.
💙【Upgraded 3350mAh Battery – Up to 17 Hours of Use】Built-in rechargeable battery for easy charging and use. Capacity increased to 3350mAh for 3-17 hours of cableless use. Portable personal cooling fan with foldable handle for easy handling as well as transport in bags and purses.
💗【Upgraded to 4 Speeds】Speeds of handheld fan increased from the commonly seen 3 to 4 modes. Speed 1 is suitable for indoor use such as napping; Speed 2 for regular indoor use; Speed 3 for outdoor use such as shopping; Speed 4 for outdoor use such as picnics, camping.
❤【Washable Fan Guard】Turn the personal fan guard clockwise to remove it and turn it counter-clockwise to put it back on. Dust will accumulate after prolonged use outdoors, and cleaning the fan guard will extend its lifespan.


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