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Our experience using World Nomads on a trip around the world

Our experience using World Nomads on a trip around the world

Cliff jumping- broken legs. Motorcycling- motorcycle accidents. Jungle treks malaria. Exotic foods? Really exotic diarrhea! So with travel, there’s a ton of cool opportunities out there. There’s the whole reason you’re going in the first place but for every cool thing there’s risk just around the corner and we’re not overly cautious people we’re just not stupid that’s why we had travel insurance and this is gonna sound like an advertisement it’s not this video is not sponsored we are affiliates of world nomads and so we have our links down below.

So there’s two main reasons we got travel insurance for this year-long trip the first one was for the baggage and personal effects coverage and basically what that is is three thousand dollars of coverage per person on the goods that you’re bringing with you the way you would make a claim if something gets lost or stolen is to turn over receipts that you actually owned it in the first place and depending on the circumstance probably a police report that’s a good point so if you’re buying items specifically for the trip make sure you keep all of your receipts just sickness and accidents can happen and how that works is if something did happen you would just go and get the treatment or medical attention that you need and then you submit the claims for that and you’re reimbursed for the expenses for any non pre-existing medical conditions and there’s you know fine lines and stuff so in addition to those primary reasons for us getting health insurance there is a laundry list of ancillary reasons why you would want to get it and different coverages on our policy for example things like baggage delay collision damage waiver extreme sports and emergency evacuation and repatriation and then finally things that you probably won’t even think of trip cancellation insurance trip interruption trip delay accidental death and dismemberment the list goes on and on and there’s a lot of details around whatever plan you might be shopping for so let’s actually talk about some of those different plans and I’m sure they change all the time and so you’ll have to check the website for details but I want to talk specifically about the extreme sports just because I think that a lot of our viewers and a lot of just younger people are out there doing activities while they’re traveling and I think the most surprising thing for us was what actually qualifies as an extreme sport yeah for our policy like this is specific it’s things like ballooning caving cliff jumping hang gliding scuba diving 250 meters and skydiving so like you could do all that stuff in just one day in Queenstown New Zealand pretty much always but then like think about something like cliff jumping you’re doing that pretty much anywhere you go like everybody does it and you’ll hear more and more stories of people getting really hurt doing it right and this doesn’t have to be an extreme thing like the Red Bull guys jumping off of a massive cliff this might just be you got hurt jumping off and into a small lake in a very tame environment but to an insurance company it is considered an extreme sport on the claim so just think about what you’re planning on doing and really any outdoor activity I feel like could be considered some type of extreme sport in an insurance Oh point of view it can be a very expensive so we certainly hope that nothing happens to you and of course everyone’s story is different we have a few stories of our own nothing too extreme but people usually ask you know what was the worst thing that happened so great example and this is nothing drastic but when we went to New Zealand about five days in I woke up one morning and a half my face was swollen up I had never had a problem with it before I had some sort of crazy infection just the fact it was New Zealand which is expensive to begin with and the fact I had to go to a doctor like I said as it turned out under $100 but I was able to submit that claim with receipts from the clinic that treated me and be completely reimbursed for going to the doctor I wound up with strep throat for a week in Hanoi and Vietnam and we ended up not even you need to use a hospital there’s so many Papa crease you you have so much access to medicine and apothecaries on the street that we took care of ourselves but honestly in tears at 3:00 in the morning knowing that we actually had somebody to call to look for hospitals it was still one of those piece of minds that I wasn’t in a foreign country not able to speak the language and completely isolated you still have you know that that phone call another example of actually using the insurance though was when we had a car rental in New Zealand and somebody backed into her car while we were like six hours away on high just came back to the parking lot yeah it was just the back right taillight just laying on the ground somebody backed into us nobody had seen what had happen of course nobody had left a note but yeah $300 worth of repairs on it and once again able to submit that and have that reimburse to us so the moral of the story is don’t rely on luck get travel insurance include it in your budget and when we were shopping around for plans we chose world no man it’s just because it had the least expensive price tag and I recommend and go get so many budgeting questions yes it has a high price tag in a line item but if you break it down by day of how many days you’re planning on traveling for it was only seven dollars and 33 cents a day for the two of us so for around three to four that’s a bargain you should be covered and that is worth it every single day to have the peace of mind and have your butt covered I have a full mind-numbing really boring write-up on insurance on the website that would probably answer every question you could possibly have about it and our experiences this was only like the top layer of our experience with insurance and if you want to go see us doing all of these dangerous activities make sure you check out tricks our travel blog it’ll be on a link probably over my face but if we’d just like shout diseases at the camera malaria dengue if you think something bad can’t happen to you while you’re traveling tell that to the guy who got his hand pretty much bitten off by a shark while we’re in Bali what about our other friends Bali that had dengue fever and something else a fever two fevers at once in a Balinese hospital he had it all hey Matt


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