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Pack of 2 Add-A-Bag Luggage Strap, Adjustable Suitcase Straps Belt Travel Accessories


Price: $9.49
(as of Dec 18,2020 23:33:13 UTC – Details)

This lightweight, compact luggage strap allows you to add a bag to your wheeled luggage or to a luggage cart. Now, while you navigate the airport, subway, or sidewalks, you won’t have to juggle a separate bag along with your phone or a cup of coffee in one hand while rolling your suitcase with the other hand. You also won’t have to strain your shoulders and back as the strap will do the heavy lifting for you.
The Add-A-Bag clips onto the top carry handle of virtually any upright suitcase and secures a second bag, such as a smaller piece of luggage, backpack, purse, laptop case, diaper bag, etc. After looping the strap through the handles and adjusting it to your desired length, you can move both as one unit.
The easily adjustable strap also makes sure that your bag hangs correctly from your luggage and does not drag on the ground or bounce around while you’re trying to maneuver. Additionally, it does not inhibit your ability to pull the suitcase.
The heavy-duty, quick-release buckle ensures that your bag stays securely attached. It’s also easy to detach when you need to access either bag. Its small size takes up very little space while it’s not in use so you can easily slip it into the side pocket of your carry-on when you’re done with it.
If you’re traveling with children, you can attach their stroller, car seat, baby carrier, or other belongings to your luggage so you can leave one hand free for helping and guiding them through the airport. You can also use this strap for smaller items such as travel pillows.

ALLOWS YOU TO CARRY MORE – Frees hands by connecting one bag to another or Simply to attach luggage bag to your suitcase. Great for travel.
REDUCES STRAINING – Relieves the strain of carrying a heavy load
FULLY ADJUSTABLE – About 1.5 inch(38MM) wide; Strap belt is adjustable for length from about 16.5″ ~ 26.8″ (total length), easily adjusts to suit your big or small luggages.
COMPACT LIGHT-WEIGHT: Store in bag or pocket when not in use.


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