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Turkey Vulture


Turkey Vulture

This Turkey Vulture, Cathartes aura, was photographed in Panama, as part of a research project utilizing motion-activated camera-traps.

You are invited to go WILD on Smithsonian’s interactive website, Smithsonian WILD, to learn more about the research and browse photos like this from around the world.

Posted by eMammal on 2010-11-14 01:00:00

Tagged: , Turkey Vulture , Cathartes aura , Large Birds , taxonomy:group=Large Birds , taxonomy:species=Cathartes aura , taxonomy:common=Turkey Vulture , siwild:species=132 , siwild:study=Fruiting Palm Trees , siwild:region=PANAMA , siwild:Rank=0 , siwild:date=2009-08-03 10:24:00.0 , siwild:studyId=Pana_Palm , siwild:plot=25 , siwild:location=1871 , siwild:trigger=74528 , siwild:imageid=729230 , siwild:camDeploy=1348 , sequence:id=35085 , sequence:index=13 , sequence:length=80 , sequence:key=40 , BR:batch=SLA06_20101221_032445 , file:name=IMG_1381.JPG , file:path=D:picsRunsAttamammalsV.PLOT2.C3aIMG_1381.JPG , geo:lon=9.158101 , geo:lat=-79.845609 , geo:locality=Panama , BCI , poor

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